Postscript.  After much reflection, I can only imagine that Sgt. Moreno had seen some sort of movement, perhaps the enemy on the other-side of the bridge. That would rationally explain and account for why he was running in that direction when he was killed. As for SSgt. Dunn, I am fairly certain that he had come forward to provide protective fire for Doc Swatek. After we returned to Phu Bai, Cpl. Kim Strauss and I wrote recommendations for all three to receive a Bronze Star for their heroic actions. I do not know if they ever received anything more than a Purple Heart.


PFC Rodriquez was medically evacuated to DaNang for battle fatigue shortly after we returned to Phu Bai from Hue.


By the end of March, 1968 I had become the first squad leader, Cpl. Strauss the acting Platoon Sergeant. For the remainder of my time in Vietnam, I had only one rule for any and all corpsmen who operated with my squad, “You do not, will not make house-calls. You are much too valuable to us. We will get and bring our wounded back to you.”


Unfortunately, Les Bohrer and I had to watch one more corpsman die in action. During Operation Allenbrook “Doc” Ronald Swaim died May 20th, 1968, making a house-call on, among others, LCpl. Robert Pugh. Bob was shot in the upper-left cranium by a sniper. Bob ultimately survived that severe wound. That same sniper killed Doc Swaim.


Les Bohrer and I were never separated until, on September 18th, 1968 while running a sweep on enemy positions in the An Hoa basin we were both wounded at the same time, by the same landmine.


Les later left the Marine Corps and retired in 1999 at the rank of Lieutenant from the Kansas City Metropolitan Police Department, Kansas.


I stayed in the Marine Corp and transferred into data processing where I remained until I retired in 1990 at the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant.


Les and I remain good and close friends to this day… and always will.


To all of our “fallen brothers,” those of us who were fortunate enough to return home extend to you a most grateful and heartfelt Semper Fi and Arruugghh!  YOU are the true heroes of our war. YOU paid the ultimate price for the democracy all Americans enjoy. We Love you and we miss you dearly. May God speed.